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International Business

INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS COMPANIES (IBC`s) An International Business Company (IBC) is a company which is not subject to taxes and does not regularly transact business with persons resident. An IBC can be used for numerous purposes, including but not limited to: Provision of professional and consultancy services Establishing holding companies International trading and investment Ownership of

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Virtual Office Services

Schedule of Virtual Office Services Provided by Wilfred Services Ltd.   Service Price (in US$) Mail Service Annual Fee Set-Up Deposit against postage and phone calls $200 Courier Service FedEx – USA FedEx – International $90 per envelope $115 per envelope Telecommunication Service Set-Up of Telephone Line with Voicemail (can be retrieved by client) $150

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International Trusts

International Trusts Trusts have been used for many centuries as a legitimate means of protecting assets, whether hard assets or cash and cash instruments. Each trust contains the following: •  Settlor or Grantor •  Protector •  Trustee(s) •  Beneficiary(s) The terms Settlor and Grantor are used interchangeably. This person is the one who settles certain assets

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For example, we can form an IBC in St. Vincent and the Grenadines within 48 hours. We possess a, competent and reliable team that is transparent in its dealings but uncompromising in our integrity. We understand the importance of maintaining the confidentiality for our clients’ business affairs. When you contact us, you speak to a professional not clerical staff and we respond promptly and efficiently to your telephone inquiry, e-mail, fax within 24 hours.
We fully understand the international financial needs of individual clients and the diversified requirements of active business enterprises and can offer solutions best adapted to their present and future needs. We work in close co-operation with a number of respected institutions and experts worldwide to ensure that the highest possible level of service is provided to our valued clients.
Our core team comprises of professionals with diverse academic backgrounds and expertise. These include individuals who specialize in international banking, trust, estate and asset planning; chartered accountants with expertise in accounting, tax, trust and company administration and offshore investment advice; and lawyers with expertise in relevant legislation and regulation in international business. The team is supported by an administrative staff who are graduates in accounting and finance.
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"Excellent service, excellent people. Defiantly you can trust them with their services and always on time. I had documents delivered to my house Via DHL many times in a matter of few days."


"Wilfred Services looks after me personally for corporate services and also Looks after my clients that that I refer to them regularly. If you want to discuss this referral I am available just contact me."


"Wilfred Services is an expert in setting up structures for clients. We have done business with Wilfred and referred clients to them. We will continue to work with them in the future do to their professionalism, attention to detail and great service."


"Wilfred Services provides invaluable advisory and business management services corporations based in St. Vincent and the Grenadines."


"Wilfred Services is extremely knowledgeable in their field while offering a high level of service and integrity to their clients."


"We work with Merma of Wilfred Services since about 5 years and were always satisfied about the quality and punctuality of her services."

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