Price(USD) / Rate

Managing / Executive Director

To be negotiated

Nominee Director

To be negotiated

Nominee Officer

To be negotiated

Nominee Shareholder

To be negotiated

Power of Attorney

Ordinary 100.00

Notarized 50.00

Conveyance of property to an IBC

1.5% of value

Ship Registration (not including government fees) (Government fee — 150.00)


Redomiciliation of IBC


Redomiciliation of Hybrid


Amendment of Articles of Incorporation or Hybrid instrument


Change of Company Name


Amendment of Board


Amendment of share capital


Change type of Shares


Filing of Articles of Merger


Certificate of Good Standing


Board Resolutions


Certificate of Registration


Duplicate copy of company document


Set of certified documents


Apostille of Certificate of Registration


Apostille of all documents


Company Search/Inspection


Certificate of Incumbency


Restoration to Registrar

$300.00 minimum

Tax Exempt Certificate (Re-issue)


Notary Public


Winding up if confirmation of Registrar is required


Appointment of first Director