Price (in US$)

Mail Service

  • Annual Fee

  • Set-Up

  • Deposit against postage and phone calls


Courier Service

  • FedEx – USA

  • FedEx – International

$90 per envelope

$115 per envelope

Telecommunication Service

  • Set-Up of Telephone Line with Voicemail (can be retrieved by client)

$150 minimum

Telephone Charges

  • Monthly

$50 minimum

Office / Administrative Services

  • Use of Conference Room (appointment required for use)

  • Use of Work Station with Internet Access

  • Hotel and Flight Reservations

  • Document Assembly and Packaging

  • Typing and/or Filing

  • Office Supplies

$50 per hour plus cost of supplies/materials


$2.50 per page


$0.15 per page

Each virtual office client receives the following basic items:

  • Mail Drop;

  • Physical Address in SVG;

  • Reception and /or Shipment of Envelopes and Parcels.